The Circular Economy

Makerspaces are community assets that can support the establishment of a circular economy by encouraging circular approaches to design, contributing to local production and economic activity, extending the life of materials and things, and fostering innovation and skills development.

Specifically, this includes:
The Circular Economy
(source: Green Industries SA)
Makerspaces and other community-based shared fabrication spaces offer ways to help people develop materials literacy, reconnecting people to the origin of their material lives, and acting as catalysts for cultural transformation, enabling and demonstrating changes to the way we design, make, use and dispose of materials.

They offer people a means of actively participating in provisioning for themselves, rather than being passive recipients of an often impenetrable supply chain and associated invisible environmental and social impacts scattered across the globe. They offer potential to challenge the primacy of consumption and culture of disposability, and they invite people to remember and (re)discover they are citizens, not just consumers. These wider cultural shifts are critical in order to meet the objective of creating a circular economy.

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