What is Makerspace Adelaide?

Makerspace Adelaide is a community fabrication workshop providing affordable access to a variety of tools and equipment – from laser cutters and sewing machines to 3D printers and traditional hand tools. Along with access to tools there are staff and volunteers to help members learn how to safely use the tools and equipment.

What we do

Makerspace Adelaide provides affordable access to tools, equipment, a community of like-minded makers. We offer membership, classes, workshop, speakers and special events.

Makerspace Adelaide brings together a vibrant mix of makers, hackers, creative groups and individuals to make, create, teach, learn and collaborate.

Makerspace Adelaide is ‘spiritual home’ for the Adelaide maker community providing a focal point for a diverse community of makers, making and innovation.

Why we do it

As the local economy changes, Adelaide needs to explore the possibilities of innovation and invention.

We are also keen to make sure traditional making and engineering skills are not lost from the wider community. Makerspace Adelaide will help retain these special skills in the community and provide a space and the environment for the passing on of skills to the next generation of makers.

A space of opportunity and possibilities

Inventors, makers and entrepreneurs cannot go from an idea to ‘the next big thing’ in one simple step. They need to develop their ideas, prototype, refine and continue to develop their ideas and inventions. Makerspace Adelaide and the wisdom of the maker community is a vital step in the process of transforming ideas into reality.

The diversity of users is the biggest strength of any Makerspace, they bring people from all walks of life, industries and backgrounds.

Our Partners

Being a fully non-profit community space, we are able to operate thanks to our partners.

Areas of interest

Makerspace Adelaide offers a wide variety of areas.

Digital Fabrication

The makerspace provides 3D printing, CNC and lasercutting facilities for members to use. Lasercutter material can be brought in or you can purchase some pre-cut material to use. 3D printer fillament is provided at a cost.


The makerspace provides facilities for soldering and assembling electronics for your projects. There are also computer facilities available for coding.


The makerspace hosts a small gallery, showcasing the works from various makers in our community currated by our volunteers and members.

In Progress

We are intending to build up what we are able to offer at the space. Below are the areas we will be expanding upon in the near future.


The makerspace provides a large woodworking shop with power and hand tools as well as workworking machinery such as wood lathes, table saws, etc. Bench space is avaliable to members as well as storage. Large projects can be stored and worked on with approval from the makerspace team. Some materials are provided at a cost.


The makerspace provides welding bays and equipment to members. There is also workbench and project storage space availiable. Some materials are provided at a cost.

Sewing/Soft Crafts

The makerspace has sewing machines and space for projects such as fashion design and cosplay. We will also be holding sewing days where volunteers will be able to assist you with your projects.